Friday, October 17, 2008

Solar Powered Lights: Alternative to Conventional Lighting

by Ernesto Maitim

Many would content that solar powered lights are perfect only for those where regular source of power is not available or if accent lights are needed instead. These are the kind of lighting that has solar panels in them to collect the energy coming from the sun and then converts it to electricity. Such power is stored on reliable rechargeable solar battery.
While solar powered lights can last giving off illumination up to ten hours, it should be noted that the brightness is at its fullest on the first few hours, then as the hours progress slowly fades until it runs totally of power. Still, if one is able to fully charge the batteries by letting them be exposed to sun shine for a long 8 hours, then you can be assured of more or less 8 hours of bright illumination. These solar outdoor lights possess built-in sensors that make them turn off automatically at the start of the day and then lights up during nighttime.
As we all know that solar powered lights use clean alternative power from the sun, there is indeed something noble about us using these kinds of lighting in our garden. This means we are truly concerned about our environment by not using the conventional form of power or electricity. Energy from the sun is renewable environment friendly power, which means no dangerous pollutants are emitted.
The only downside of solar powered lights is that they still have to show improvement when it comes to the intensity of the brightness of their illumination. They can be bright, but not as bright as the ordinary light bulbs that burn via electrical power. However, it is certain that with the continuous evolution of the solar technology, in no time will we see improvement of the solar lights on this regard. For now, the outdoor solar lights, especially of low wattage are excellent for lighting and accentuating the landscape of the garden.
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